K701 Ear pad replacement

AKG K701 Open Headphones


I haven’t used it for a while, but the ear pads of the K701 headphones are worn out, so I decided to replace both the left and right.

SONY MDRのヘッドホンのイヤーパッドはよく交換するんだけど、このタイプの交換も割と簡単に交換できました。パッド部分を左に少し回すだけで外れます。

I often replace the ear pads on my SONY MDR headphones, and this type of replacement was relatively easy. Just turn the pad slightly to the left and it will come off.


When I put them on in a loose state, my ears were surprisingly comfortable despite the softness of the pads, so I wondered if it would be okay to leave them as they are, but when I replaced the ear pads, the pads became hard and brand new. It seems that it has returned to normal, and if it has deteriorated, it would be a good idea to replace it.

K&M Headphone hanger


When I mix, I often listen to multiple headphones and compare them, so having a headphone hanger is highly recommended as it makes storage easier and looks neater.


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