K701 Ear pad replacement

AKG K701 Open Headphones


I haven’t used it for a while, but the ear pads of the K701 headphones are worn out, so I decided to replace both the left and right.

SONY MDRのヘッドホンのイヤーパッドはよく交換するんだけど、このタイプの交換も割と簡単に交換できました。パッド部分を左に少し回すだけで外れます。

I often replace the ear pads on my SONY MDR headphones, and this type of replacement was relatively easy. Just turn the pad slightly to the left and it will come off.


When I put them on in a loose state, my ears were surprisingly comfortable despite the softness of the pads, so I wondered if it would be okay to leave them as they are, but when I replaced the ear pads, the pads became hard and brand new. It seems that it has returned to normal, and if it has deteriorated, it would be a good idea to replace it.

K&M Headphone hanger


When I mix, I often listen to multiple headphones and compare them, so having a headphone hanger is highly recommended as it makes storage easier and looks neater.

Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez / AM93QM-JBB / Jet Blue Burst

先日届いたTONEX Pedalをきっかけに、今はギターにハマっているのですが、最近、楽器サイトで偶然見かけた青いセミアコースティックギターが目に止まり、セミアコを保有したことがなかったのと、ボディカラーがすごく好きだったので、興味本位で購入しました。


I’m currently addicted to guitars because of the “TONEX Pedal” that arrived the other day, but recently, the blue semi-acoustic guitar I happened to see on the instrument site caught my eye, and I had never owned a Semi-Acoustic guitar, and the body I liked the color very much, so I bought it out of curiosity.

Both sides of the body are hollow, and compared to the solid guitar, the live sound resonates in the box, so the sound is beautiful.


4月頭に注文したギターアンプシミュレーター(Tonex Pedal)が入荷して、ようやく手元に届きました。(結構な人気商品のようで、納期に時間がかかったようです。)

ギターアンプシミュレーターに関しては、これまでずっとLINE6のPOD XTを使ってきたんだけど、今回のシミュレーターは、(第一印象ですが)だいぶ解像度が高く、PODxtと比べても音の芯が太い感じがします。今時の機材は凄いですね。


メーカーはIK Multimediaなので、流石に完成度は高いですね。昨年辺りからプラグインでも使うようになってきて注目してたので期待通りでした。


The guitar amp simulator (Tonex Pedal) I ordered at the beginning of April arrived and finally arrived. ( It seems to be quite a popular product, and it seems that the delivery time took a long time.)

As for the guitar amplifier simulator, I’ve been using LINE6’s POD XT for a long time, but this simulator has a much higher resolution (although it’s the first impression), and the core of the sound feels thick compared to PODxt. Yes. The equipment of this time is amazing.

Rather than creating a sound, it is impressive that it faithfully reproduces the original sound, but as a construction, the combination of the amplifier and the cabinet can be changed and there is also an EQ reverb, so you can do it to your liking. ( Personally, I was impressed by the reality of the spread of the reverb.)

The manufacturer is IK Multimedia, so as expected, the degree of completion is high. I’ve been using plug-ins since around last year, and I’ve been paying attention to it, so it was as expected.

I would like to make use of it in my future song making.

Apple M1 Max

The Mac Pro (Desk Top) I’ve been using for about 10 years has broken down, and the MacBook Pro Intel (15.4inch) I’m still using now can’t keep up with my current work, so for the future Macbook Pro M1 Max I decided to purchase (16 inch).

今まで10年くらい使っていたMac Pro (Desk Top)が壊れ、代わりに現在も使っているMacBook Pro Intel(15.4inch)が今の作業に追いつかなくなってきたので、今後のためにMacbook Pro M1 Max(16inch)を購入することにしました。

Automatically turns on when you open the lid! It seems that the Apple mark on the back has become a specification that does not shine.


M1 Max (16 inch) on the left and Intel i7 (15.4 inch) on the right.

back side

I bought a Mac product for the first time in a while, but since this is the first time I’ve used a USB-C environment, I decided to prepare a dock station. After much consideration, I chose belkin’s CONNECT PRO. This is easy to use.

久しぶりにMac製品を買ったけど、今回の導入によりUSB-C環境が初めてになるので、ドックステーションも揃えることに。色々検討した結果、belkinのCONNECT PROにしました。これは使い勝手が良いです。

Gigabit Ethernet Adapter purchased for connecting waves Sound Grid Server.

waves Sound Grid Serverの接続用に購入したGigabit Ethernet Adapter。

And finally, HUAWEI’s curved monitor. I looked at other similar monitors, but this one was the most beautiful and cool. I’ve always wanted to make the mixer screen wider.

Older MacBook Pros may not be able to use new waves plugins, so

For the time being, I will use two MacBook Pros according to the environment.


古いMacBook Proではwavesの新しいプラグインが使用できないこともあるので、

しばらくは、2台のMacBook Pro を環境に応じて使い分けていこうと思います。

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