“Cave in the story” Release

2024.01.08 “Cave in the story” (2 songs included)

本日、kNock in Story Project J.M.C からDigital Single「Cave in the story」を配信開始致しました。タイトルは “物語の中の洞窟”。2曲目“地下帝国”は世界観重視で1曲目のオプションとして新たに制作した楽曲です。良かったら聴いてみてください。

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Today, we started distributing the Digital Single “Cave in the story” from kNock in Story Project J.M.C. The title is “The Cave in the Story.” The second song “Underground Empire” is a newly produced song as an option for the first song with an emphasis on the world view. Please listen to it if you like.

And we are also holding a New Year’s sale at the goods shop from 1/6. I also bought a black hoodie (Blacksmith) at this shop the other day! It arrived immediately and I’ve been wearing layers recently, but the fabric is a little thick and it’s just right for this season, and I like it, so I’m thinking of buying other patterns. If you don’t mind, please take a peek.


投稿者: nakajiproject

作曲・編曲・シンセサイザーをメインとしたクリエイター。現在はインターネットを中心にInstrumental musicを配信中。 Creator mainly composed, arranged and synthesizers. Currently, instrumental music is being distributed mainly on the Internet.


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