“BLIZZARD” “Full-throttle” Release




未知の世界に行ってみよう。そんなイメージで、サウンドは色々と細かいところに拘った楽曲です。個人的には“Worm-Hole”の時空を彷徨ってる雰囲気がお気に入りです。 “BLIZZRD”のメロディ音源はminimoogにViolinを重ねました。



Two works related to jackets have been released.

From the atmosphere that has been released so far, the theme is heading to space, but…

Let’s go to the unknown world. With such an image, the sound is a song that sticks to various details. Personally, I like the atmosphere of “Worm-Hole” wandering through time and space.

The melody sound source of “BLIZZRD” superimposed Violin on minimoog.

Also, next time, unlike this work, in addition to the remake version of “fluff” that was delivered before, we are producing mature songs that match the atmosphere. It’s probably going to be about 4 songs, but I want to make music that feels rather relaxed.

I’m taking a while to produce it, but I’m planning to release it again soon, so please look forward to it.


投稿者: nakajiproject

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