1st Album Remaster Productions

1.The Wonderful Sky
2.Space Battleship
3.Super Night Run
4.Alien Advent
5.Rainy day
6.Music again
7.New world
9.New Soul
kNock in story Project J.M.C「Another World」
初回盤 : 配信終了 / Delivery has ended.

kNock in story Project J.M.Cの1st Album「Another World」のリマスター音源を近日配信する予定でして、現在、オリジナル音源のリメイク作業を始めています。

1st Albumの制作当時から比べると、機材などの制作環境がだいぶアップデートされているので、以前よりも聞き応えのある音源に仕上げられたらと思います。


We are planning to release the remastered sound source of kNock in story Project J.M.C’s 1st album “Another World” soon, and we are currently starting to remake the original sound source.

Compared to the time of production of the 1st album, the production environment such as equipment has been updated a lot, so I hope it will be finished with a more satisfying sound source than before.

First of all, the “Dreamer” EP will be delivered on 9/13, so I hope you can look forward to it for a while until it is completed!


投稿者: nakajiproject

作曲・編曲・シンセサイザーをメインとしたクリエイター。現在はインターネットを中心にInstrumental musicを配信中。 Creator mainly composed, arranged and synthesizers. Currently, instrumental music is being distributed mainly on the Internet.


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