Video introduction(動画紹介)

「AIが何なのか知りたくて、とにかく色々試してみる。 【52歳からのスタート】」さん
kNock in Story Project J.M.C「The Womderful Sky (2023 Remastered)」


This time, I would like to introduce this song because a video creator used it for BGM on YouTube. It will be a video drawn on the theme of future cities using AI. The atmosphere and voice of the slow motion video are wonderful. Please watch it.


投稿者: nakajiproject

作曲・編曲・シンセサイザーをメインとしたクリエイター。現在はインターネットを中心にInstrumental musicを配信中。 Creator mainly composed, arranged and synthesizers. Currently, instrumental music is being distributed mainly on the Internet.


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