「fluff」EP Release

kNock in Story Project J.M.C「fluff」EP





“Fluff” EP has been released since 8/12.

I’m instrumentalizing my own composition, which was originally a song.

This “fluff” itself has been distributed before as a single or album recording, but this time I remade both the song and the jacket, and made it an EP with other songs.

(Personally, I like the sound and worldview with reverb, but this work is produced throughout the melody line and the reverb of the main string.)

I think it’s a pop work overall, so please listen to it if you like.

Also, it will be a new announcement, but we plan to release an up-tempo EP again after next month. It’s a little far from the world view of this work, but it will be an intense song! I’m obsessed with various details, so please look forward to it.


投稿者: nakajiproject

作曲・編曲・シンセサイザーをメインとしたクリエイター。現在はインターネットを中心にInstrumental musicを配信中。 Creator mainly composed, arranged and synthesizers. Currently, instrumental music is being distributed mainly on the Internet.


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